Nourish your body with Nutrition!
Welcome to Nourish Nutrition Consulting

Nourish Nutrition Consulting (NNC) was created with the goal of educating clients on the importance of balanced eating and nutrition for a lifetime of health. Health is a journey, not a one day thing; likewise eating well is an important part of  everyday living to stay healthy.

Most clients choose to work with NNC when their health status changes. They recognize that they do not feel as well as they want or they do not want to live the rest of their lives on medications. There is recognition of a need to change, re-evaluate health goals, and learn new tools to reach those goals.

Megan Magee, Registered Dietetic Tech and owner of Nourish Nutrition Consulting, is passionate and committed to helping clients reach their health goals and maintain those goals for long-term, lifetime health. Consultations offer individualized care with long-term, realistic goal setting. On-going support keeps clients motivated and on-track to successfully reach health goals.


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